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Media Store

WARNING This API is deprecated and will be removed soon. If you need it, please open an issue with your use-case to include in the next release as part of the new original cross-platform API.

Import package

import 'package:shared_storage/shared_storage.dart' as shared_storage;

Usage sample:


But if you import without alias import '...'; (Not recommeded because can conflict with other method/package names) you should use directly as functions:


API reference

Original API. These methods exists only in this package.

Because methods are an abstraction from native API, for example: getMediaStoreContentDirectory is an abstraction because there's no such method in native Android, there you can access these directories synchronously and directly from the MediaStore nested classes which is not the goal of this package (re-create all Android APIs) but provide a powerful fully-configurable API to call these APIs.


Get the directory of a given Media Store Collection.

The directory follows the Uri format

To see all available collections see MediaStoreCollection class

final Uri directory = getMediaStoreContentDirectory(MediaStoreCollection.downloads);

Android Official Documentation

The Media Store official documentation is available here.

All the APIs listed in this plugin module are derivated from the official docs.