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Migrate to v0.3.0

There's some breaking changes from v0.2.x then be careful when updating on pubspec.yaml

pubspec.yaml dependecy manager file:

  shared_storage: v0.3.0

SDK constraint

In android\app\build.gradle set android.defaultConfig.minSdkVersion to 19:

android {
  defaultConfig {
    minSdkVersion 19

Plugin import

Although this import is still supported:

import 'package:shared_storage/shared_storage.dart' as shared_storage;

This should be renamed to any of them or all:

import 'package:shared_storage/saf.dart' as saf;
import 'package:shared_storage/media_store.dart' as media_store;
import 'package:shared_storage/environment.dart' as environment;

Choose which modules/imports one you want to include inside in your project.

Media Store getMediaStoreContentDirectory

The method getMediaStoreContentDirectory now returns the right class Uri instead of a Directory.

Be sure to update all ocurrences.

This Uri is used to represent a directory.