hey, sap?

boa noite! i’m developer since 2nd high-school (2018) aiming to be also a mathematician in a near future.

my universal law says:


knowledge, freedom and fun.

all i do is for it, no more no less.



but i’m comfortable with any c-based language since the base keeps the same (java, c#, c++, etc.) even though i’m not used to them



i’m only available at:

other media either i no longer have access or i’m not active.


you can see most of them at github.com/alexrintt


i know only english (basic) or portuguese (native).

want know more?

glad to see you are interested in :)

life meaning?

there's none. the meaning is to create yours. whoever created this certainly had a short deadline and a lazy spirit.

most valuable?

time. come to think. there's a limited amount of time you can spend and no one can change it, neither the most billionaire or the greatest genius.


code (surprise), physics (suprise?), music (most synth and retro), gamedev, drawing and anime.

why programming?

challenge, there's no end. it's a game with players around the entire world, infinite levels, infinite tasks, infinite difficulty levels and infinite game modes: competitive, zen, singleplayer, multiplayer, work and you can play it whenever you want by your needs! also the community create the updates by themselves by playing the game! it's the perfect open-world game. without mentioning you can mix your knowledge from other areas into it.